The City of Maitland has distributed the last of more than 4,000 sandbags in preparation for Hurricane Dorian.

Proper Use of Sandbags:

Sandbags can be used to prevent stormwater intrusion into a structure. They should be placed at exterior doorways, garage doors or sliding glass doors that might be susceptible to flooding.

Properly stacked sandbags work well to hold back water. However, plastic sheets or tarps placed under and around sandbags form a much better water barrier.

Place the plastic against the door and on the ground in front of the door. Extend the plastic beyond the edges of the doorway. You can use duct tape to help keep it attached to the door and wall.

Pile sandbags against the door and over the plastic on the ground, extending the bags slightly beyond both sides of the doorway. Place each bag over the folded top of the preceding bag and stomp into place the next layer of bags.

Flattening down the sandbag row before adding the next row will help you to build a better structure. Stagger the second layer of bags, stomping each bag into place before placing the next.