Important Information about Maitland Avenue
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Important Information about Maitland Avenue

Important Information about Maitland Avenue

The City of Maitland has been in discussions with Orange County officials to convey ownership of Maitland Avenue and move forward with aesthetic and safety improvements planned along the local roadway since 2004. 

Maitland currently maintains everything along the road except for the paved surface and stormwater ponds. Ongoing city maintenance includes sidewalks, landscaping, street lighting, traffic signals, railroad crossings and water and sewer utility lines. 

It is customary for the county to convey roadways when a municipality maintains a majority of the area around roads. Maitland Avenue is located entirely within Maitland city limits and does not connect to any other county roadway. 

It is important to note that the City of Maitland is not currently considering changes to traffic patterns along Maitland Avenue. No decisions have been made, and none are pending. Any decision to change the road would occur only after thorough traffic and design analysis along with extensive public meetings to receive community input. Typically, this process takes a minimum of 5 years to complete.  

Regardless of ownership, as part of our current responsibility for maintenance and improvements, the city plans to replace traffic signals along Maitland Avenue at Horatio Avenue and Sandspur Road with upgraded, decorative signals. Quiet zones with crossing gates, which eliminate the need for loud horns when trains pass through downtown Maitland, are also being installed. 

The city is considering new sidewalks and bike paths throughout the downtown area to connect to the new Independence Lane – a scenic street for shopping, restaurants and public events that is scheduled to open this fall. Additionally, Independence Square – a large park next to City Hall – will be completed next year to continue our improvements to the downtown experience.  

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