Fire Department Information 

Performance and Projects
Each year the City of Maitland's various divisions of City government establish, review and/or update their respective performance measures and associated projects. The fire department too, does this and posts the information on the City website. The fire department's performance measures are based upon a long standing commitment to "superior quality emergency and non-emergency customer service" to residents and visitors alike. In line with the Department's goals is its reaccreditation by the Center for Public Safety Excellence in 2014. In addition to this, the Department recieved its initial accreditation from the Commission on Ambulance Accreditation Services (CAAS) in 2016. Currently the department is seeking to lower its ISO rating from a two to a one. Other projects include a flu shot program implemented in 2009 which is open to the public. 

Transport Fees
Established periodically by the City, data from the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA), a division of the Department of Health, institutes a process that reimburses Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers for actual care rendered to patients. In response to that, the Maitland Fire Rescue Department proposes annual rates consistent with the current published data. On October 1st of each year, rates are established consistent with state regulations and allowances for the transport of patients. Information about current rates can be obtained by calling Fire Administration at (407) 539-6229. 

Patient Privacy Info
The Maitland Fire & Rescue Department maintains strict requirements on the security, access, disclosure and use of patient health information (PHI). Patients may exercise their rights to access, amend, restrict, and obtain an accounting, as well as lodge a complaint with either Maitland Fire Rescue or the Secretary of the department of Health and Human Services by contacting (407) 539-6229. 

Strategic Plan 
The fire department strategic plan is now available for review on the fire department's web page. The plan will clearly demonstrate when reviewed, the issues addressed by the department as it strives to meet its charge. Residents and visitors will find a brief history of the plan, an encouraging post from the City's Fire Chief and information about our goals and objectives. We invite visitors to make comments by emailing us at

Special Events
Special events around and about the City of Maitland and include various 5K runs, holiday events and parades, sporting events, the Maitland Art Show and Founder's Day. The Maitland Fire Rescue Department has special provisions for providing dedicated fire department personnel and services and would be pleased to make them known to all persons that might have such a need. More information is available by calling (407) 539-6229 or by writing us at

ICE is a fairly well known program to emergency workers when various emergencies strike and family members must be contacted. ICE stands for 'In case of emergency' and found it notoriety in the mid-2000's. It's simple and works fairly well with the widespread use of the modern cellular phone. You simply make a new phone contact entry under the contact name of 'ICE' and then enter into that the number(s) of persons you might want contacted on your behalf if you're unable to speak for yourself. It is common practice today for emergency workers to look for cell phones in the course of their pre-hospital treatment. You learn more by using your search engines and looking up "ICE' cell phones'.

Pride and Ownership
The Pride and Ownership (P & O) moniker is a nationally recognized expression by firefighters across this nation. Coined by Lewisville Fire Chief Rick Laskey, the mission of the effort has received wide support and participation and Maitland's firefighters are no exception. Embraced and supported by its fire administration, the department's personnel use the P&O as a spring board to establishing and maintaining the highest degree of training and professionalism.