Public Works Lakes Management

Our Mission:

  1. To promote and maintain the highest quality of Maitland’s 21 lakes, canals and waterways.

  2. To monitor and manage the aquatic plants in the lakes and canals to promote a healthy aquatic habitat while maintaining recreational uses of the lakes.

  3. To monitor the water quality of the lakes to document the improving health of the aquatic environment and to direct needed improvements.

  4. To implement the Stormwater & Lakes Management Plan to continue to improve the health and quality of the lakes.

  5. To provide information to the Public and City administration on topics relating to the lakes including water quality, shoreline management, waterfront structures and construction impacts.

Shoreline Management Permitting
          Invasive Aquatic Plants 
          Shoreline Alteration Ordinance
         FWC Aquatic Plant Management Permit Application 

Waterfront Structure Permitting
          Waterfront Structure Ordinance

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