Financial Services

Financial Department effectively safeguards City assets in compliance with laws, rules and regulations while efficiently providing accountability consistent with professional standards and good judgment. This program encompasses financial accounting and reporting, purchasing and accounts payable, payroll processing, special assessments, occupational licenses, and investment of city funds. 


Our Mission

To provide the level of service necessary to maintain the excellent quality of life that is enjoyed by our citizens, business partners and visitors. To be a "Community for Life."

Our Vision

To be known as a model city acclaimed for our beautiful parks and lakes, safe neighborhoods, robust cultural programs, quality government services, community pride, preservation of natural resources and state-of-the-art commerce centers.

FY 2019 Essential Priorities

Develop Maitland's identity, improve inter-agency communications, focus on lake water quality and water conservation efforts, engage and support the business community, improve transportation citywide, provide quality public safety services, improve quality of neighborhoods, maintain employee morale, expand recreation facilities and develop east-west park system, maintain and expand infrastructure and plan comprehensively for downtown development.



Finance Director
Contact: Jerry Gray, CPA
Phone: (407) 539-6201

Office of Management and Budget Analyst
Contact: Nick Segel
Phone (407) 539-6233

Financial Accounting and Reporting
Contact: Vanna Lawitzke, CGFO
Phone: (407) 539-6210

Purchasing and Accounts Payable
Contact: Brenda Chapman
Phone: (407) 539-6256

Payroll, Business Tax Receipts and Special Assessments
Contact: Robin Cadwallender
Phone: (407) 539-6253