Fee Schedule

Adult Basketball Resident Non-Resident
 Open Gym  $1.88 + Tax= $2.00  $1.88 + Tax = $2.00
Youth Basketball Resident Non-Resident
Grades 1-8 $110 $120
High School $110 $120
Pre-Formed Teams $700 $700
Basketball Court Fees Resident Non-Resident
 Organized Team Practice  $20 Per Hr 1/2 Court  $29 Per Hr 1/2 Court
Tennis Resident Non-Resident
Youth Clinics (Month) $40 $50
Adult Clinics (Month) $40 $50
Individual Classes per Clinic $15/class $15 per class
Middle School Team Practice $150 $160
Private Lessons $30/half hour or $60/hour $35/half hour or $65/hour
Ball Machine $15/half hour or $25/hour $15/half hour or $25/hour
Tennis Annual Passes Resident Non-Resident
Youth $29 $54
Adult $44 $94
Family $79 $179
Tennis Court Reservations Resident Non-Resident
Non-Pass Holder $5/Hr before 5PM $8/Hr after 5PM
Guest with member $3 $3
Racquetball Court Rental Resident Non-Resident
$5/hour $7/hour
Softball Resident Non-Resident
Men, Women & Co-Ed $280 / Team $10 for each NR
Volleyball Resident Non-Resident
Men, Women & Co-Ed $360 / Team $10 for each NR
Middle/High School Clinics
8 Wks – 2Hr Sessions $90 $100
6 Wks – 1.5 Hr Sessions $65 $75
Athletic Field Rentals
School Fields $25/Hr – 2 Hour minimum
Soccer Fields Before 5 pm - $25/Hr After 5 pm - $40/Hr
Baseball Fields Before 5 pm - $25/Hr After 5 pm - $40/Hr
Field Preparation $50 per field
Field Lighting $25 per field
Wedding Facilities Resident Non-Resident
Wedding Gazebo & Overlook
(Lake Lily & Quinn Strong)
$175 $250
Picnic Pavillions Resident Non-Resident
Small 1/2 Day $40 $50
Small Full Day $60 $85
Large 1/2 Day $65 $84
Large Full Day $90 $120
Meeting Rooms Resident Non-Resident
Com Pk & Sr Small Rms (after 5 & Wkends) $15/Hr-4HrMin + $10 for each addn'l hour $30/Hr-4HrMin +$15 each addn'l hour
Com Pk & Sr Small Rms (M-F before 5PM) $10/Hr-4HrMin + $8.75 for each addn'l hour $20/Hr-4HrMin +$10 each addn'l hour
Senior Center Ballroom (4Hr Min.) $50/Hr-4Hr Min. +$15 for each addn'l Hr. $60/Hr-4Hr Min. +$20 each addn'l Hr.
Sr. Ballroom w/ kitchen (4Hr Min.) $75/Hr-4Hr Min. +$20 for each addn'l Hr. $85/Hr-4Hr Min. +$25 each addn'l Hr.
Facility Rental Terms
  1. Facility renters must include set up and tear down time into the total duration of the rental.
  2. Set up is not included in the fees listed above.
  3. Set up and tear down charges are $30 per hour for a facility attendant. This fee is not included in the basic rental rate.
  4. City programs and paid reservations have booking priority.
  5. Civic organizations (Scouts, HOA's, etc.) will be booked into complimentary space at the Lake Lily Cottage and may upgrade their meeting facility five days before their meeting on a space available basis only.
  6. An end of event inspection will be conducted by a member of staff with the rental organizer.
  7. Damage to facilities and special cleaning needs will be billed to the renter.
  8. Moltiple repeat bookings (10 or more in the same fiscal year) may qualify for a negotiated rental fee.
  9. A refundable $50 cleaning deposit will be required. Following a post event inspection, a cleaning fee will be accessed if necessary.
SENIOR CENTER (Effective Date - October 1, 2016)
Center Use Annual Pass Resident Non-Resident
Annual Membership Pass Free $50
Non-Resident Annual Pass Conditions
  1. Annual membership pass subscribers will be entitled to access the Maitland Senior Center during normal program hours only.
  2. Special classes, activities and programs may require a participation fee in addition to the annual pass program subscription fee.
  3. Private use of facility rooms by groups, clubs, card groups or social gatherings will be by rental only (See hourly rental schedole above).
  4. Annual passes are non-transferable.
  5. Use of a paid pass by anyone other than the registered subscriber will resolt in the immediate cancellation of that membership.
Event Venue Fees Residents Non-Residents
100-300 People First Day - $300 $150 for each additional or partial day. First Day - $400 - $175 for each additional or partial day.
301-600 People First Day - $600 $175 for each additional or partial day. First Day - $700 - $200 for each additional or partial day.
601-1,000 People First Day - $900 $200 for each additional or partial day. First Day - $1000 - $225 for each additional or partial day.
More than 1000 People First Day - $1200 $225 for each additional or partial day. First Day - $1300 - $250 for each additional or partial day.
Event Rental Terms
  1. Additional use charges may be required based on actual event attendance and duration of the event.
  2. The City of Maitland reserves the right of final determination of City support services and City personnel required for all events. That determination shall follow a foll review of the Application for Permit submitted by the event producer to Leisure Services. (See A La Carte Fee Schedole)
  3. Event producers are to provide proof of required insurance coverage prior to any event staff, personnel or setup vendors entering City property for load-in. Without proof of insurance, necessary permits and affidavits required by the Application for Permit on file with Leisure Services, vendors and other event personnel will be turned away from the venue for load-in.
  4. Refunds, less a 25% handling fee, will be issued when cancelations occur more than 90 days before a schedoled event. Refunds will not be made for event cancellations made less than 89 days before a schedoled event. Additional costs not included in the categories above such as garbage removal services, security, etc. will be at the sole cost of the event producer.
  5. Event venue fees listed above include permit, processing and electric.
A La Carte Venue Use Fees
Permit Fee Residents $100 Non-Residents $150
Restroom Stocking $55 Per Hour
Event Attendant $35/Hr – 4 Hr Min
Event Waste Boxes $7.00
8 Yd Dumpster Tipping Fee TBD at time of application
Security Officers $40/Hr/4 Hr Min
Maitland Farmer's Market Rentals
10ft x 12ft Space $20/Wk/10ft Space
Market Terms and Conditions
  1. New vendors are admitted on a space available basis only. Potential vendors will be placed on a waiting list until such time as a space may open. Visit www.itsmymaitland.com for an application.
  2. All vendors who serve hot food at the market are required to adhere to all state and local regolations regarding food service. Contact The Department of Business and Professional Regolation Division of Hotels and Restaurants (850)-487-1395.
  3. All food service vendors must have an annual food permit from the Department of Agricolture and Consumer Services (850)245-5520.
  4. Food service preparation must take place in a State Licensed Kitchen. Proof of compliance with this requirement must be provided to Parks and Recreation at the time of application approval.
  5. Must have a valid occupational license from Orange County.
  6. Must obtain, display and keep applicable state, county licenses for specific product.
  7. Market Manager must have a copy of all licenses before you begin. This is a must.
  8. Vendors must be set up with vehicles parked in the proper lot no later than 8:45 a.m. Late arrivals
    are subject to late set up fee equal to one week’s rent. Vendors are responsible for informing hired
    help of all roles, including parking.
  9. Vendors are responsible for complete clean up in the vicinity of their operations. Boxes and other
    large trash items must be taken to the appropriate dumpster.
  1. Vendors are responsible for providing proper equipment for set up including table, tent, extension
    cords, etc. Tent, tables and chairs are not provided.
  2. Large trucks (those over 1.5 tons) must unload and exit the market by 8:00 a.m. unless other
    arrangements have been arranged with the Market Manager.
  3. Vendors who use a vehicle as an integral part of their businesses are limited to 1 vehicle weighing 1.5
    tons or less. Using the vehicle as a holding area is not considered integral to the business.
  4. Safety Procedures and Roles must be followed.
  5. CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS: Limited to 1 group per week, 2 times per year per group.
    Charitable organizations are not subject to published fees but must turn in an application and receive approval from the Market Manager to set up. Tent, tables and chairs are not provided.
Food Truck Café Rentals
$50 Per Week
Boat Fee Information
Annual boating passes are issued from Joly 1st of each year and are valid through June 30th of the following year. The boating passes are valid for the Maitland Winter Park chain-of-lakes which can be accessed via 2 boat ramps; one at Fort Maitland Park in Maitland; the other at Dinky Dock in Winter Park.
  1. Boat Pass Rates for Maitland Residents – Length of boat + Horsepower of Boat x $.50 + Tax
  2. Rates for Non-Residents – Length of Boat + Horsepower of Boat x $.75 + Tax
  3. Daily passes are available for $6.00
  4. Boat passes may be purchased at The Maitland Community Park, Winter Park City Hall or Winter Park Library.
  5. A state of Florida Drivers License and a valid boat registration are required at the time of purchase.
Youth Sports Leagues Registration and Program Cost Information Non-Residents Fees
Maitland Little League http://www.maitlandlittleleague.us $35/season/player
Maitland Soccer Club http://www.maitlandsoccer.com $25/season/player
Maitland Flag Football http://www.i9sports.com/HomePage.aspx?franchise=47 Included
Throughout the year Leisure Services offers numerous special programs, services and recreation activities that carry program specific fees based on cost. Please visit www.itsmymaitland.com or call (407) 539-0042 for more information.

A 25% administration fee will be assessed to all requests for refund except where noted otherwise.