Community Development

Maitland Community Development

The Community Development Department guides the development and well-being of our community where businesses and institutions can be successful and grow, and all residents live in a safe, attractive and vibrant City that makes them proud to call Maitland their home. 

The Department is responsible for a variety of programs including Planning, Zoning, Development Plan Review, Community Redevelopment, Mapping/Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Building Safety and Code Compliance.  Working collaboratively with all City Departments, we are committed to honoring the past while creating future distinguished in the region; a community for success.


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 Learn about Maitland's Re-Development Plans
Learn about Maitland's Pass-Through Fees by watching the informative video on our "Learn About our Processes" page or  by reading Ordinance 1160, which approved the fees in 2008 Minor changes to the Development Process take effect on January 1, 2018

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Code Enforcement

Two of the many hallmarks that make Maitland such a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family are the importance placed on aesthetic quality of the City and a high level of citizen involvement.  To this end, the City of Maitland now offers the option for our residents and customers to report and track a variety of possible zoning and code enforcement issues.  To report an issue, please click on the Code Officers below.  For information on how to use the tool, please download our Users Guide.