Building Permits

Scheduling Inspections

To schedule building, fire, site or ROW inspections please use the following contacts:

Call (407) 539-6248 or e-mail to At minimum the following information must be provided:

  1. Permit number

  2. Project address

  3. Inspection type you are requesting. Please included any added information to clarify what you want to have inspected.

  4. Contact name and number

NOTE: Please be clear and concise with your request.

Inspection hours are from 7:30am-3:30pm, Monday thru Friday
After-hours inspections are not available.

If you are looking to find out who your inspector will be, please contact (407) 448-2004 between the hours of 7:15 – 7:45 the morning of your inspection. You will be given the contact name and number of your inspector.

For non-scheduling questions or concerns please feel free to contact one of the building division supervisors list below.

Building Official: Allen Johnson (407) 539-6151;

Inspectors/Plan Reviews: Ralph Jones (407)539-6258;

Building Department Hours of Operation 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.
Permitting fees and permit transactions stop at 4pm. Inspection request cut off time 4 pm

Useful Information

  1. Construction Hours: Construction Activities are allowed between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. weekdays only. Working at any other time will require written permission of the Building Official in advance per Maitland City Code Section 10-11-C.

  2. The City of Maitland has a Non-Exclusive Franchise (Dumpster) C&D/Roll-Off Program. For more information, including a list of approved franchise haulers, click here.

  3. The City supports the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) as a model code regulating the minimum maintenance requirements for existing buildings

Applicable Codes

On June 27, 2016 the City of Maitland adopted local amendments to Chapter 1 of the Florida Building Code, and the minimum housing code, 2015 IPMC with Maitland amendments.  The City enforces the following Codes:

  1. Florida Building Code - Building -6th Edition (2017)

  2. Florida Building Code - Existing Building - 6th Edition (2017)

  3. Florida Building Code - Residential - 6th Edition (2017)

  4. Florida Building Code - Mechanical - 6th Edition (2017)

  5. Florida Building Code - Plumbing - 6th Edition (2017)

  6. National Electrical Code 2014

  7. Florida Building Code - Accessibility - 6th Edition (2017)

  8. Florida Building Code - Energy Conservation - 6th Edition (2017)

  9. Florida Building Code - Fuel Gas - 6th Edition (2017)

  10. Florida Fire Prevention Code 6th Edition (2017)

  11. NFPA & NFPA 101 (2012) as incorporated into FFPC 6th Edition (2017) and other NFPA codes as reference

Click here to view the city codes online.

2018 Permits

Monthly permit reports are temporarily unavailable online. To request a report, please call (407) 539-6150 or e-mail RHAYS@ITSMYMAITLAND.COM