Board of Zoning Adjustment

This Board is a quasi-judicial Board established for the purpose of reviewing requests for certain specifically defined variances from the regulations of each Zoning District as they relate to area, size of structures, yards and open spaces, heights, etc. (They cannot rule on any variance involving the specified use of land). They are governed by strict adherence to certain criteria as defined within the Zoning Code relating to land hardship. This Board also rules on any appeal of a decision made by the Zoning Official wherein it is alleged the interpretation of the Zoning Code is in error. This is a 5-member board. The only appeal to their rulings is the Circuit Court. 

Staff Liaison: 
Jacqueline Holt, Planner III


Members:Term Expires:

Frank Turner,  Chair07/16/2019

 Bradley Fess, Vice Chair09/29/2018

 Todd Bleakley12/17/2019

 Daniel Wallace09/29/2018

Taylor C. Kessel    07/02/2020

 Joseph Hegedus, Alternate Member07/29/2020

When do we meet? 
4th Thursday, as needed, 7:00 p.m.