Board of Adjustments and Appeals

This Board is established in accordance with the Florida Building Code. Their duties relate to interpretation and enforcement of Building Code standards. The City's Sign Ordinance is also a part of their jurisdiction. They may also rule on appeals from any applicant regarding the Building Official's interpretation of building and construction standards. This is a 5-member board composed of individuals with knowledge and experience in technical codes such as design professionals, contractors, or building industry representatives. 

Staff Liaison: 
Allen Johnson, Building Official


Members:Term Expires:

 Stephen Schoene03/12/20

 Matthew Sloan02/02/20

 Rusty Graf02/02/20

 Grey S. Binford07/14/18

 Robert Smith02/02/20

 Ryan Scordato, Alternate02/02/20

When do we meet? 
As needed, 7:30 p.m.